Any Other Day Tune

Happy New Year!!! That’s it. Anyhoo, here’s some dren you can listen to:

He was the first winner of Project Fame West Africa, Naija no dey carry last… He came out with the BoyzIIMen R&B album, then faded. For his sophmore effort, lets just say he’s our resident R. Kelly, Sisqo & The-Dream. He’s obviously a lot fitter than those three dudes…

Ur Waist, that’s all he needs, the rest of your body’s optional…


Of course, there’s Kukere (the comeback single, with the zoomed in crotch video), it’s Remix – featuring the Kokomaster aka D’banj – and Bust Me Brain.

Fine Lady – Lynxxx ft. WizKid, I blame WizKid

You know him from Ice Prince’s Oleku, if you didn’t know, now you do… Well he sings in Yoruba & pidgin. His debut album, Son of a Kapenta, is the buisness…

Good Morning

Ara (Wonders)

Lost Girl:
I blame those Canadians in charge of the music on Showcase’s Lost Girl, it airs over here on SyFy (UK) and on other SyFys.

Lost Girl Theme [Extended], the short version was already catchy, but the minute I heard Jody Colero’s voice, I fell for this song hard.

I might as well admit, I’m Team Lauren aka Doccubus aka [the newly christened] BoLo – I blame Zoie Palmer’s wit and her potrayal of the Doc’s geeky/nerdy qualities. I basically died watching drunk/tipsy Lauren and giddy Lauren on the most recent episode. Don’t get me started on I have a pamphlet for that Lauren.

Lose it – Austra, Now you know why I made my previous statement

Keep Me High – Adaline, err… previous statement, unfortunately, there’s no official video
Here’s a live version

Studio Version

(It Could Be) Love – Camouflage Nights, the first song ever played on Lost Girl, dren it’s in the first scene. Yes, my memory’s good with music, not so much for life. Yes, I know episode 1’s not the pilot, but it was the first televised episode… Just watched the video, kinda creepy, now the single cover makes sense – that’s also hella creepy…

And finally, I Know What I Am – Band of Skulls, also from episode 1, where she goes all I need a new identity sequence…

You’ve gotta love Anna Silk (Bo) and Ksenia Solo (Kenzi, the Kenziest Kenzi ever!). Dren, even Kristen Holden-Reid (Dyson, yes I enjoyed season 1 D, season 2 – character assassination, season 3 – recovering). All because I stumbled on it, that fateful day, years ago – I saw the name, read the synopis, saw succubus, went OK, she’s not a vamp or a wolf, alrighty then. I recently found out it was the 9th most downloaded TV show in the year it was released, it was only legally playing on its original channel, Showcase in Canada at the time.

I know what I am, they know what they are, so let me be


Any Other Day Tune: 90s Edition

Since Em’s probably sleeping like every sensible working girl – whoops that came out wrong. Well, I’m here to err…blog about this. Well, I’m old enough to have a 90s flashback, I remember trying and [still] failing the moonwalk. I remember Oprah’s hair in the 90s. I remember Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake, a hairy Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras – how much I hated him, since I was crushing on Andre, the Colombian footballer, Andres Escobar, who got shot after scoring an own goal at the ’94 Olympics, Nigeria winning the gold in football at said Olympics. I remember when Fela died, when Samuel Okwaraji died during a World Cup qualifying match. Oh, the first time I traveled by air (and the only time I was ever in first class), they actually asked if I wanted to see the cockpit, hell yes – loads & loads of buttons & lights. And asking my dad about gravity, to be more precise – won’t the food/drinks fall, while we’re taking off?

Anyhoo, on with the show, before all my flashbacks kill me…

I really love this song… Lauryn Hill may have only truly released one album, but that album is the frelling business. I’m a sucker for sad songs and this is a song about an ex. When you realise that “No one loves you more than me/And no one ever will” and “…no one’s hurt me more than you/And no one ever will”.

Brownstone’s one of the sisters with voices – see what I did there – who came out [& left] in the 90s, they could sing (or sang like some folks would say).

No 90s post would be complete without the song that now haunts my adulthood. Ok, more like my flashback to my childhood, because I loved this song and used to sing this dren out loud with all my little innocent heart. You frakking gorram sons of a hazmot!

To all you kiddies, there was a time when Bobby Brown was the dren – not just dren, New Jack Swing was king, R. Kelly was bald, Micheal Jordan actually played basketball, not cigars, geez he even did it with Bugs Bunny. Alanis got her Jagged Little Pill on. R&B was actually rhythm & blues not electro. Britney Spears was considered a sensible teenager. Aaliyah got her tomboy on. Ginuwine was riding that Pony, without the fried hair. Usher was that annoying dude, all my classmates liked. And Macaulay Culkin was cute.

I’ll leave with this video, I enjoyed as a kid, even though the morphing people freaked the hell out of me.

I really do talk too much…

Any Other Day Tune: Naija Edition

This was originally going to be posted on Monday, then I kinda got caught up on fan fiction (again!). Anyhoo, it was only going to be this song by May D, ’cause we Nigerians make stupidly catchy songs, we also make stupid catchy songs…Lets just say I’ve had the song for just over a day now, I’ve replayed it a LOT.

Now this song has strange place in my heart…Lets see, it was my cousin’s ringtone – basically her phone rings, I hear “Kokoma, I stand by…” and off course I reply, “WKOFIT?*”. Then I stumbled on the video, now I can’t get it out of my head.

I could go on about the random catchiness, repetitiveness, and sometimes stupidness of Davido. DO NOT get me started on Dami Duro and the “nanananina-na-ni-no” bit, the song’s freakishly weird structure, lack of lyrics, and the really annoying bit – I like the song, it’s a club banger, it doesn’t need to make sense. Plus, he’s from the Craig David school of the Say My Name variety.

The only reason why this is here – his funny interpretation of the Dougie…and the chic’s ass. It’s an ass, it surprised me…

If you’re looking for other Nigerian artists, Google is your friend, since no one’s going to leave a comment…

*Why the heck is the question mark so frakked???**
**Scratch that, it’s frakked in editing.
I could really kill for chocolate covered Digestives or plantain chips or Galaxy Cookie Crumble or Rocky or Wagon Wheels…I’m flexible…

Any Other Day Tune

Well, since Em’s always busy & I’m currently living on and other random activities, I’ve decided to do something “productive”…Here’s my first AODT. This is currently one of the songs I’m addicted to…

Ainvayi Ainvayi from the movie Band Baaja Baaraat, sorry about the lack of subtitles, Google is your friend. I love the way the female playback singer, Sunidhi Chauhan,¬†sings “…lut gaya”

A Whole New World…

Happy New Year everybody, bring on the awkward 2012 glasses! Hello world, don’t know where Em is…ok probably working her ass off…I know, I’m rambling but that’s what I do best. Ask Em about my strange voicemails.

Since the coherent half of this undynamic duo is busy working, you’re stuck with me. Lets see what do i have to offer? Err…played Uncharted 3 in 2 days, sucked pretty badly in multiplayer. Yes, I’m AdobisII and I suck at aiming. Err…kicked ass in Mortal Kombat. Was Batman (& Catwoman) in Batman Arkham City. Finally watched series 3-5 of Skins. Finally watched Sherlock. Discovered PepSi (Pepa & Silvia’s relationship in Los Hombres de Paco), I’m a sucker for love story as long as the participants are human. Then hated the fact that I couldn’t speak Spanish, since I actually wanted to know about the rest of the characters. Watched Tierra de Lobos in Spanish, thank God for body language; and for the crazy Crisabel fans at AE, they’re currently translating the whole series, now I’ll finally understand what the hell they were saying. I’m bummed that Alex Garcia isn’t coming back. Err…spent too much time on both AEs (afterellen & afterelton). Sue me, those girls at AE (the former) are funny as hell. While the boys at AE (the latter) give me oogling street cred, regardless wheter the guys are straight or not, I still can’t touch them. That’s a bit of what I did in the past 3 weeks and the highlight you say, getting Uncharted 3 on New Year’s Eve for ¬£19. Yes, I’m sad, but at least I’m consistent.

…it’s definitely not a dazzling place